In the serialisation process, data is one of the most important steps. Data with errors can lead to complications that can prove to be costly in more ways than one. It’s crucial to ensure that data should be error free, not contain any duplicates and is reported correctly. Duplicated data is an issue that occurs when different serialisation machines process the same data simultaneously by adding prefixes and suffixes. This is particularly challenging for pharmaceutical manufacturers who have many serialisation lines and manufacturing plants.


This is why accurate data management is essential and it can be achieved by forming serial numbers from one center by using a system which is equal to LEVEL 3. Serialisation data needs to be transferred through a work order relationship into serialisation machines. A LEVEL 4 system should be used in plants where there’s more than one manufacturing factory. Production lines in pharmaceutical plants are managed through ERP and MES softwares. The serialisation machine can use the right master data set if the work order integration is equal to LEVEL 3 with ERP or MES, so it’s necessary to have the correct work order integration.


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