We are pleased to welcome Karl Waldman to the CosmoTrace team!

Karl Waldman is an operational leader with a record of profitable revenue generation. And the introduction of breakthrough technologies. He has expertise in program and product management, operations and supply chain, and global team leadership.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Karl has recently been General Manager of Agile Process Teams at Tracelink. Vice President of Customer Success at ONE Network. In these positions, he expanded new product areas for global supply chain collaboration and cloud-based supply chain solutions using machine learning.

Karl has a talent for inspiring and rallying teams and a proven track record of delivering results in operations, product management, and consulting roles. He is skilled at leading global teams, driving results, and attracting and retaining exceptional talent.

Outside work, you’ll find Karl researching the latest AI technologies, spending time with family, and enjoying nature through hiking in Blue Hill.