Here are the last 20 out of a list of 60 abbreviated Serialization terminologies. Some of these terms may be familiar because of common usage, while some may be lesser known. Remember, new regulations and updated technologies in Serialization lead to changing jargon, abbreviations and terminology.

41. SGLN – Serialized Global Location Number

A part of the GS1 systems of standards, it’s an identifier used to identify the location of a product

42. sGTIN – Serialized Global Trading Item Number

A unique and internationally recognized identifier for an item

43. SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

A barcode that’s scannable and allows retail vendors to use the label to automatically track the movement of inventory

44. sNDC – Serialized National Drug Code

Defined by the  FDA, it consists of the NDC and a serial number

45. SNI – Standardized Numerical Identifier

A set of unique numbers or characters used to identify each prescription medicine package or product

46. SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol

A protocol used to interchange data between applications which are built on different programming languages

47. SOR – System of Record

A data management term for an information storage system. It also ensures data integrity, and that it’s the only source for a given piece of information

48. SSCC – Serial Shipping Container Code

A GS1 standard and it’s used by companies to identify a logistic unit

49. SSO – Single Sign On

Allows users to login securely only once using one set of credentials (username and password) across multiple applications and websites

50. TH – Transaction History

A record of every transaction within the supply chain that documents

51. TI – Transaction Information

It encompasses all of the information contained within a single business process and it includes details about the product, NDC and businesses involved

52. TPM – Third-Party Manufacturer

A person or company (also known as CMO and 3PP) contracted to manufacture products

53. TPO – Third-Party Organization

An external contractor that is also known as TPM, SPL and CMO

54. TS – Transaction Statement

A document that outlines the terms and the conditions of a deal with trading partners

55. UID – Unique Identifier

Numbers and characters that are unique to an item in a system

56. UPC – Uniform Product Code

Used in the US, it’s similar to a a GTIN and is a type of code printed on product packaging to aid in identifying a particular item

57. VAN – Value Added Network

A private, hosted service that gives companies a secure way to send and share data with other companies

58. VAWD – Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors

An accreditation program was established to help protect the public from the threat of counterfeit drugs

59. WMS – Warehouse Management System

A software application that’s purpose is to support and optimize warehouse operations and distribution management

60. WSDL – Web Service Definition Language

An XML-based interface language used for describing the functionality offered by a web service