New regulations and updated technologies in Serialization lead to changing jargon, abbreviations and terminology. A lot of them may be familiar because of common usage while some may be lesser known. In this 3 part article we’re looking at the first 20 out of a list of 60 abbreviated Serialization terminologies.

1. 3PL – Third-Party Logistics

Third-Party Logistics Providers offer shipping services for pharmaceutical companies, digital pharmacies and Contract Manufacturing Organizations.

2. 3PP – Third Party Printer

Third-Party Printer Organizations print serial numbers onto packaging products.

3. ADR – Authorized Distributor of Record

A wholesale distributor that distributes manufacturer’s products

4. ASN – Advance Ship Notice

Used as a notification for pending deliveries

5. BoL – Bill of Lading

A document that has details of shipments of products

6. CAPA – Corrective and Preventive Action

A process to eliminate failures in product’s qualities

7. CBV – Core Business Vocabulary

Commonly used vocabulary when exchanging data with partners

8. CMO – Contract Manufacturing Organization

Organizations that provide services for manufacturing and packaging of products

9. CPO – Contract Packaging Organization

Manufacturers who subcontract the packaging of products

10. CSV – Comma Separated Values

A format for saving data used in data exchange

11. DC – Distribution Center

A warehouse to keep products meant to be distributed

12. ECC – Error Correction Coding

A code used to fix errors and recover data

13. EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

A format used to send data online to various computer systems

14. EPC – Electronic Product Code

Commonly used in the supply chain, it’s a serial number for a specific product

15. EPCIS – Electronic Product Code Information Services

This is meant to allow EPC related data to be shared across various networks

16. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning system

A software that manages a company’s back-office operations

17. FMD – Falsified Medicines Directive

Also known as EU FMD, it protects patients from counterfeit medicines

18. GCP – Global Company Prefix

A globally unique code used to identify trade items like logistic units, locations, parties, and assets

19. GLN – Global Location Number

Consists of a 13 digit number that allows tracking of location and reference of a product in the supply chain

20. GTIN – Global Trade Item Number

Used in databases to check on products. The number can be searched via barcode scanners