Since the beginning of the pandemic manufacturers and packaging suppliers have been trying to meet the sudden surge in demands owing to Covid-19. There was an immediate need for PPE and other medical equipment all at once across the globe. This exposed many vulnerabilities in the pharma industry and brought to light challenges within the supply chain. As time progressed, the pharma industry was able to adapt and plug in these unexpected gaps and once again have strengthened supply chains.

Now that vaccines are being rolled out across the globe, the biopharma industry (especially the suppliers) is once again facing a huge challenge of trying to meet the requirements of the supply chain for the vaccines, within a short timespan. Covid-19 vaccination doses have to be given in different phases and not all at once, which has in turn has increased the packaging demand.

In order to not get overwhelmed and have an uninterrupted supply chain, drug manufacturers will need to keep a few points in mind so they meet the packaging demands that’ll come with vaccinations.

1. Manufacturers and Suppliers need to work together for best quality results

Covid-19 vaccines are at the peak of their demand right now and needed at a global scale. It’s essential that drug manufacturers and packaging suppler collaborate on their approaches on how to have vaccines reach the candidates safely and in a timely manner. If there are any obstructions along the lifecycle of the vaccine delivery (irregulated temperatures for vaccine storage, unsterile storage/handling, damaged packaging – cellulose, silicone, polymers, etc) then it can contaminate the vaccine dose and prove to be a threat for the receiving candidate. Manufactures will need to ensure that their standards are high quality and their processes are automated, so they can produce contamination free packaging and a cellulose-free environment to their Suppliers. Neither manufactures nor suppliers can waste their time or resources on defective or tampered drug packaging.

2. Manufactures should have multiple Suppliers

Vaccine deliveries are just as essential in the supply chain as vaccine manufacturing. Once the drugs are produced, these life saving critical doses need to be moved quickly. Having various suppliers will benefit manufacturers in finding solutions that will help with not just packaging of supplies but in also increasing quantity of production for their current operations. A point to keep in mind when selecting suppliers is that they should have new and appropriate equipment that should be able to accommodate large quantities of manufacturing materials (from current and existing production demands) and the right amount staff to ensure maximum efficiency as well as high quality results. 

3. Manufacturers should find Suppliers with global connections and networks

The pandemic has also brought about changes in existing travel, import and export changes. Some countries are limiting and placing bans on travel which has brought a new challenge for packaging suppliers. They now need to prioritize strengthening a global network to source the raw materials they need for their parenteral packaging. Manufacturers must look at finding suppliers that they can partner with to build their packaging inventory, who already have a global supply chain and will aid in minimizing capacity related issues.

Securing the supply chain is a high priority for organizations as a breach within the cycle could damage or disrupt operations. It’s essential that both the manufacturing and delivering of products should be tamper free and delivered securely. While threats cannot be completely erased, supply chain security can work towards a more secure, efficient movement of goods that can recover rapidly from disruptions.


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