Key dates in UAE for 2021

September 2021: Aggregation required
July 1, 2021: Implementing the 2D barcode and serialization on the packs
March 31, 2021: Uploading the data on GS1 UAE portal

According to the circular published by MOHAP (ministry of health and prevention) Pharmaceutical companies must register with the GS1 UAE Portal and upload all the above product data by March 31, 2021. Pharmaceutical products not having a corresponding QR code cannot be sold in Abu Dhabi after July 1, 2021. However the deadline may be extended by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for certain products in a case by case basis to ensure the continued availability of medicines in Abu Dhabi.


The UAE delegates the validation of these reulation through Tatmeen which is a digital platform for the ministry. In order to achieve their objectives, Tatmeen has placed some mandatory requirements on all drug manufacturers. (Jayaraman et al 2015). For instance, drugs imported or domestically manufactured in the UAE have to have the 2D Matrix Barcodes for tracking for all registered and unregistered drugs. Also, all pharmaceutical companies have to be registered with a GLN (Global Location Number) (refer to GS1 Site). This ensures that Tatmeen has the relevant tools when it comes to monitoring the production activities.

Verification of drugs

The Tatmeen platform enables consumers to verify drugs at the initial point of purchase. All forms of recreational drugs have been banned. The suppliers of these drugs remain accountable for what they provide to the market.

Training facilities

In order to avoid mistakes and unnecessary impediments, Tatmeen has taken the responsibility of offering training to parties wishing to venture into the pharmaceutical world. The support and knowledge gained from these training facilities will enable individuals to efficiently access and work with the Tatmeen platform.


BrandSync is a cloud based collaboration platform designed to exchange product information and content. It is required for producers to upload their respective products to BrandSync In order to ensure all information about the product has been disclosed. Through BrandSync, the product is effectively managed and Tatmeen is able to approve and regulate all activities relating to the product provisioning in the market.

Tatmeen Website

The ministry of health has made it clear that pharmaceutical companies should not use the information provided by other countries’ government sites as Tatmeen is an independent site and has critical laws that are not similar to other countries. However, the pharmaceutical companies should still report to the other governments on issues they had initially agreed on.


The aggregation process in UAE is expected to be implemented by September 2021 and all pharmaceutical products have to be registered as drugs by the health department. There has also been a mandated use of GS1 standards on all trading parties. The serialization code in Abu Dhabi essentially contains the expiration date, batch number, serial number and the GTIN. This helps in the tracking of the drug from the source to the destination.

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